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I got these two items as a sample for $4.95 a piece next thing I know is I get $83 for the RX item taken out of my account and $53 taken out of my account for these items.I want my money back!

They had NO PERMISSION to go into my account!!!!' I saw the ads on Facebook. All I got was a sample what gives these people the right to go into your account and STEAL your money. I called them back which was very hard to get through. They were very rude!

Refused to give my money back!

What can I do can someone please help me.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $149.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Gloucester City, New Jersey, United States #918098

Actually you DID agree to the charges, trouble is, it's in the fine print that's hard to find.(like those free credit cards that the minute you activate it, you will be charged an annual fee of $135 or some *** amount).

I once ordered, and quite recently, a totally different productfor a 10 free trial for the cost of shipping, $5, no buggy, right. But I knew there was a catch and I found it after I placed the order, not before. If not cancelled within those first 15 days, I would get charged like $75 or something.

1) I received the product in 5 days, that left me 10 days to try the product (which irritated my skin).

The fine print was from time of purchase.

2) I did not like that to cancel was solely by email. I did not wait til last minute though, but when I did cancel, I did not receive an email confirmation. I tried 5 times!

I got scared cuz I did not have the $$ to cover, and I just wanted to try, not a contract, and I had time on my side.

3) I immediately went to my bank , cancelled my credit card. I paid a $5 replacement fee. I preferred that hassle.

4) you will probably never get your money back, but you can always try. Good luck, cancel NOW, because it will keep happening.

Even if you have to close a checking account and not just cancel cards DO IT ASAP!5) TO EVERYONE READING, BEWARE, ALL FREE TRIALS or just shipping cost trials, It's in their print somewhere that if not cancelled by a certain time YOU WILL BE charged and I it's always a high dollar about, and it's NEVER refundable.

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